Sons of Horus WIP

Sons of Horus WIP


Septembers WIP has started afresh after games day and I have learnt a lot through feedback and really studying the finalists and winners to see where I am going wrong.  Haven’t started work on anything new at the moment as there is no rush as I doubt I will go to GDUK2013.  Anyway here is a bit of fun I am working on and a test of colours that I saw on GW Stockholms Facebook page.  I haven’t captured the colour they used but its a close and needed to get this miniature finished once and for all.


A long way to go but I like the colours and will be glad to get him finished.


Almost done, hes been chipped and shaded a bit more and I freehanded the Horus badge.  Not my greatest mini but I love the colour scheme.

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  1. Dude can you tell me what colors you used for the armour.It’s just what im after.Many thanks

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  2. Hi Marcus,

    Of course it was P3 Arcane Blue 90% mixed with 10% GW Warpstone Glow. I added a little Vallejo Ivory to the mix for the highlights where needed also.

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    • Ah Im not too sure anymore to be honest, it was a mix of snot green, ice blue and turquise I think! but really cant be too sure sorry.

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