Golden Demon UK 2012 round up and winners

Pictures from Forgeworld future releases and some of the GD winners


Well I’m back from Games Day 2012 and brought home 1 pin which I am happy with and have feedback to work on for the next few entries.  Queue for the new Horus Heresy stuff was unbelievable at the start and I gave up after 20 minutes of waiting as the initial queue was about an hours wait.

Did manage to get myself the Horus Heresy book and Death Guard transfers so happy with that.  Forgeworld have a lot of new releases heading our way and I have listed a few that should be coming soon as we saw the previews casts and WIP

Abbadon and Garveil Loken
Death Guard Contemptor
World Eaters Contemptor
Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators
Goblin Shaman
Morngul (Looks amazing!)

Plus some other bits and bobs I forgot to get the name of.  They are in the gallery at the bottom of the page. I will split them better later

Next are some of the Golden Demon winners normally starting with GOLD down to BRONZE when all three of them are thumb nailed.  You can click through to view the larger pictures.  I haven’t got all the winners down as forgot to do this but you may recognise a few.

The quality this year was amazing and I bet the judges had some very hard choices to make.  Firstly I will post a picture of the Slayer Sword winner for this year which was an amazing miniature and the rest of the bottom gallery includes finalists and GD winners as I’m too busy to sort them out fully.

Golden Demon UK Slayer Sword

Warhammer 40k Single Miniature

Warhammer 40k Squad

Warhammer 40k Monster

Warhammer 40k Vehicle

Warhammer Single Miniature

Warhammer Monster

Warhammer Regiment


LOTR Single Miniature

Open Comp

Forgeworld Best in Show
Forgeworld Best in Show

Games Day Gallery