Games Day UK 2012

Finished Games day projects


Well I have had a year to paint up some possible winning entries for Games Day UK 2012 and worked on a few different entries throughout the year – NONE of which I got finished and had to go for some last minute options and paint jobs.  I’m hoping I can take home a pin or two this year but I’m really not convinced.

I have decided to take a year off next year what with the higher ticket pricing and I hope to get more done over a two year stretch to try and win a trophy.

Anyway here are my GDUK 2012 entries!  I hope they win pins but I can console myself if I am lucky enough to be early enough for the new Horus Heresy Book.  I haven’t decided what army I’m going to chose to paint when I get the book but I have my heart set on painting a death guard contemptor dreadnought and have it all ready and waiting for the transfers and book for reference.

I’m hoping that the don’t run out of the Games Day 2012 miniatures this year since we would normally get it with a ticket and now have to queue up and hope that people have bought them on mass to sell on eBay.

Anyway here are my three entries for this year, Enkomi the Chaplin was a late entry for games Day but thought I might as well give it a shot and see if I can get a pin.  The Plaguebearer was painted as I wasn’t happy with the Rot Beast and rider (which is finished) but no base) and Galadriel was to replace my Legolas on Horseback which I never finished as the casting is so bad.  I really do hope the Hobbit miniatures are of better quality.

Chaplin Enkomi – Minotaurs Chapter – W40K Single Entry GDUK2012

Games Day 2012 Minotaurs Chaplin Enkomi Single Entry

Nurgle Plaguebearer for the Warhammer Single Category GDUK2012

Galadriel for LOTR single miniature GDUK2012

I will be doing a report on GDUK2012 when I get home and hope to have some pictures of some nice Golden Demon winners if at all possible.