Gordan’s Highlander from Tommys War

Well this was a lovely miniature to work on but I did have a few problems painting it and have learn t a few lessons from painting at this size.  I really hope to improve on my next miniature from this range and hope to pick up a few more at Telford IPMS 2012 in November.

Anyway here is the miniature.  The problem areas I found to be the bayonet as it keeps bending out of shape and snapped off a few times.  The eyes weren’t great and it was too late to fix them as I had finished the whole face as wasn’t going back over it.  The rest of it was fine and a joy to paint.

I’m still brushing up on the right colours to use but overall I think it went OK.

Gordan’s Highlander

Gordans Highlander from Tommys War range