The Zombiecide painting diary


I received my Kickstarter copy of Zombiecide last last week and after opening the box and checking out all the contents I left it alone whilst I finished off my GDUK2012 entries which I’m now happy with.  So the Zombiecide WIP begins and I’m starting with the characters first as I would rather lavish a bit of attention n them where as painting 100+ zombies may get a little repetitive lol.

Just a quick review of the miniature plastics used on the Zombiecide figures.  Its really the only thing that lets them down as cleaning off the mould lines turned into a nightmare as the plastic doesn’t cope well with being cut or filed and left some of the characters in a worse state than when I began.  So after a few of them I have decided to paint them with mould lines on for risk of destroying them.  Cant say I’m happy about it but they have used a cheap plastic for the minis I would say.


Its not bad if you never paint them or paint with mould lines on but its not good for those who love to paint their games to the highest standard.  No biggie tho as as the rest of the game is top notch.  You can follow the WIP in this thread so I will start off with the group shot before spray painting first…..

Zombiecide WIP painting begins

Zombiecide characters undercoated with Chaos Black oversprayed with Skull white.

Here is a quick shot of Dave from Zombiecide painted.

Dave from Zombiecide painted


OK I have managed to get all the characters finished and photographed with their cards.  They have only been painted to a basic tabletop standard as the detail on them isn’t that great to go into any depth and I found the mould lines a pain to remove so went with a basic copy of the cards and a little shading.

Dave Painted – you can click to view larger images
Dave from Zombiecide painted.

Ned from Zombiecide painted

Amy from Zombiecide painted

Doug from Zombiecide painted

Nick from Zombiecide painted

Josh from Zombiecide painted

El-Cholo from Zombiecide painted

Wanda from Zombiecide painted

And finally Phil from Zombiecide painted


I will get a more clearer group shot up soon but next its time to start working on the ZOMBIES!!!!!