There’s a lot happened in the 1st week of September and its all good. Got a few entries for GDUK2012 finishes and working on a few more.  Im aiming for pins again as I know my work isn’t up to trophy standard.  I will be skipping it next year to concentrate on squad based entries and have a few ideas in the pipeline.

My copy of Zombiecide is currently stuck in UK customs so hope to be getting that soon but have got the limited edition Dark Vengence boxed set to muck around with now.  Im aiming to start building a chaos army again and will be attempting to convert the DA into Minotaurs.


Bit of a WIP shot of the Minotaurs Chaplain Enkomi from Forgeworld below.  Hope you all like it.  I haven’t decided on a base but that will come next week.  Still needs extra details and glazes but happy with him for now.