Minotaurs Space Marines Chapter

Step by Step Painting Tutorial

OK here goes with my first painting tutorial for the Badab War Minotaurs Space Marines Chapter.  I have been looking for a new set of space marines to paint apart from Space Wolves and I love the history and fluff behind this chapter.

Imperial Armour 10 has this chapter in a dark bronze armour with red as the contrasting colour and gold for the weapon metal parts and some shoulder pads.

The miniature is just a bog standard assault marine without the backpack.  I liked the pose and used a loin cloth from a space marine commander box set to make the miniature fit in with the chapter.

Minotaur Space Marine Paint Guide

Step 1
First up a light spray of GW chaos black spray paint.  A little tip when working on plastic miniatures is you can temporarily glue them to plastic bases with superglue and it will easily come off the original base if you have a more scenic base in mind.








Step 2
The basecoat for the armour is 70% GW Hashut Copper and 30% GW Warplock Bronze mixed with water and painted on in multiple thin layers until it covers the miniature.

Painting Minotaur Guide Step 2









Step 3
Take the armour basecoat and add in a further 10% Hashut Copper and work the highlights towards the top of the legs, arms, backpack and shoulder pads all the way until you get to 100% pure Hashut Copper.  Make sure you keep the highlights watered down and of milky consistency.
Painting Minotaur Guide Step 3








Step 4 & 5
For the extreme edge highlighting of the top of the shoulder pads and edges of the armour I mixed GW Mithril Silver into GW Hashut Copper.  Wash with GW Agrax Earthshade or GW Devlun Mud then re-highlight with step 3 mix and depending on how bright the highlights are you can run a watered down wash of Agrax or Devlun over it again.
Painting Minotaur Guide Step 4








Step 6
That is the armour done and its quite a quick and simple technique.  I have covered the reds used as a contract colour and how to do the slightly golden shoulder pads also.
Painting Minotaur Guide Step 6








The shoulder pads, straps, bolt pistol and chainsword
All of the red parts are a 80/20 mix of GW Khorne Red and GW Dark Flesh,  Wash the reds with GW Badab Black or GW Nuln Oil and highlight to pure GW Khorne Red and add a little  GW Blood Red until your happy with the highlights.  You can wash over a glaze of red ink to tone it down if it goes slight wrong.

The gold shoulder part and weapon parts
I noticed in Imperial armour 10 the shoulder pads are a lighter colour so have went for a golden colour with a mix of GW Burnished Gold, GW Vomit Brown, GW Hashut Copper and a small amount of GW Mithril Silver.  Highlight with a bit more mithril silver.

The verdigris was a watered down mix of GW Hawk Turquoise, GW Snot Green and a little GW Skull White.  It was applied into the cracks and edges of the shoulder pads.  I could of made the mix a little less watery and shown the verdigris more but opted not to this time.


The final miniature

Here is the final miniature based with a little bit of weathering on the weapon which was GW Chaos Black for the shadow and GW Boltgun Metal over the top as chips.  the yellow is GW Iyaden Darksun mixed with a little GW Bleached Bone.  He has been based on a simple display base using milliput to build it up, topped with sand painted in GW Desert Yellow, washed and highlighted and part of a Tyranid I found in my bits box.