June 2012 Nurgle Works in Progress

Well June has been a very busy month for me and we are only 16 days into it.  I have almost come to the end of painting a large Tzeentch choas army commission for a local tournament player.  The army was great fun to paint and had some very nice conversions including a custom built war alter being dragged by the hound from Mordenheim.

The finished shots will be up shortly along with a tutorial on how to paint dirty gold and quick and easy lava base painting for those in a hurry.

Whats next on my agenda you may ask?  Well I’m having a bit of fun with the new Games Workshop paints and in particular the pink paints.  Im having a go at this LOTR mini in metal and gonna try a few different things with the new pink and see what I can come up with.

Im also 40% through my Rot Beast conversion and will be working on him once I return from a short break away.  Another commission is being prepped to and this time its a Forgeworld Deamon Prince and Herald.  Hes still in pinning and gluing stage at the moment and he is a bit of a pain to piece together but nothing major.  Next up will be the greenstuff work to fill in the cracks then undercoat time.

For the Nurgle Deamon prince and Herald I’m going to get inspiration from the new Forgeworld model masterclass and go for the colours they used on the blight drone.