Carnival of Nurgle

Well its not exactly a carnival but a nice group of Nurgle miniatures I recently completed to high tabletop for a commission.  For this commission I tried a few new techniques and colours using the P3 Range of paints from Privateer Press.

The Nurgle greens where taken from the Eavy Metal Masterclass book which is a great source of inspiration for me and a nice way to try some new and interesting colour formulas.

I’m 50% through writing up the tutorial for the Nurgle skin so keep your eyes peeled in the next week for this tutorial.

First up we have the Horreur Bio-Mecanique or Bio Tech Horror from Fenryll Miniatures painted to a high tabletop standard.  I worked a little of his tubes of slime and blood as I wanted to try some reflections.  They aren’t the greatest for technical ability on reflections but a nice test that I will try some more.  The purple guts were actually basecoat of codex grey from GW washed with Leviathan Purple from their soon to be changed wash range.

Horreur Bio-Mecanique or Bio Tech Horror
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Next up we have Chaos Rotten Lord from Scibor Miniatures in 28mm resin. 

This was a lovely miniature to paint and I might have to pick up some more of Scibors range and paint for myself.  The skin was the same with plenty of different glazes and the oozing was glazes or orange, yellows and reds.  The armour is the same as above.

Chaos Rotten Lord from Scibor Miniatures
If you like this miniature you can buy him from Wayland Games and I think he costs around £17.50 GBP
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And last but not least was the plastic Nurgle Lord from Games Workshop.  I tried a different green armour this time and I have to say I prefer the Eavy Metal way of doing it so will be sticking to that.  The flesh was done in a range of P3 colours but they will be covered in the tutorial.

Nurgle Lord from Games Workshop
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