The hero returns!

Finally I finished the wizard to complete the four adventurers, I haven’t been painting as had an interview to prepare for and all painting got sidelined.  I tried to paint him as a bright wizard but he is such an awkward model to paint.  His eye needs fixing but for now he is complete.

Next up is the Heroquest zombies and Skeletons.

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OK I thought I would keep the Heroquest finished works in one post now so they will all appear here as they happen.

I have finished 2 mummies and 3 of the heroes.  The wizard was a nightmare to colour choose and as he was wandering around he accidentally (on purpose) tripped (was pushed) into a big pot of Detol where he was quickly stripped back to base and was resprayed.  Hes almost finished and currently being painted as a bright wizard.

Anyway here are some of the latest pictures.

The group without their wizard
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I painted these in keeping with the originals with some minor changes.  The elf was brought more up to date with the yellows painted with Desert Yellow, washed by Gryphonne Sepia and highlighted up to Desert Yellow with Bleached bone added and a glaze or two of a brighter yellow.

The barbarian was based in Tallarn flesh with a few thin coats mixed with water.  The shadows were Tallarn flesh mixed with Scorched brown until it was almost pure Scorched brown.  Then it was highlighted back to base with increasing amounts of Tallarn Flesh and Bleached bone.  The final highlights were done with Tallarn flesh and Skull white.  He then got very thin glazes of Sanguine base.


Mummy! I mean Mummies!!!
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Finished Heroquest Mummies

These were the were the easiest and took only an hour and that was because I was waiting for the paint to dry.  They were based with Bleached bone with the green a mix of rotting flesh and Goblin Green.  Washed with Devlun Mud and then highlighted with the base + increasing amounts of Skull White.  Washed again with a thin wash of Gryphonne Sepia then highlighted with Skull White.

All the bases were done with Adeptus Battlegrey with a wash of Badab Black.

More to follow shortly.