Thought I would post what I’m working on for the end of the year.  These land raiders and the Rhino have been gathering dust for sometime and with the release of the new Imperial Armour – The Doom of Mymeara I thought I would add to my growing army for Bran Redmaw.

I used the pictures of the Land Raiders on page 122 and page 58 and the Rhino from page 123.  The Land Raider patterns they use I don’t have but I’m going on the markings more than anything.
The 3 vehicles have been done using the hairspray technique again and chipped around the edges.  The transfers have been added earlier than usual as I’m aiming to do a lot of weathering on these tanks very soon.

Comments are always welcome.

Just a little update, the tanks are pretty much done and now ready to be varnished with Purity Seal ready for the oil and powder weathering.  I will be posting m,ore pictures in the future but here is one for now.