Showcase: Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

I would like to present one of my latest projects which has been on and off for some time, Thorgir the Forgeworld Venerable Dreadnought painted for my Space Wolves army.  Firstly I would like to add that this dreadnought would not have turned out the way it was without the influences of the Dreadnought done by Wiltrichs, the work by Brandon Griffith which I got the dynamic arm ideas from and also the work of Kim Syberg from White Dwarf 185 which I took the idea from the banner that he did for his Wolf Guard Ranulf.

I named him Thorgir after doing some research on Norse and Viking names and I imagined him to be a close friend of Russ and was one of his right hand men.  The weapon arms are all magnetized using rare earth magnets so are easily swappable in the event I ever decide to actually play.

The colours were from the Space Wolf tutorial in the new eavy metal masterclass book,, but they also feature in one of the old White Dwarfs.  I have added a collage photo to start and some larger photos will feature in my gallery shortly.

You can also vote for him on coolminiornot