I found this wonderful company and miniatures at the Telford IPMS Modelshow and instantly decided I had to purchase one.  I have been painting 28mm Games Workshop miniatures for sometime and this is something different and not to time consuming.

The miniature cost £11.25 and is made from resin and comes in a wonderful box about the size of a pack of cards and is a 54mm miniature.  It comes unpainted of course and the box art should be a good start for me as I have no idea about WW1 colour schemes although I’m sure there is plenty of information there.

The miniature comes in 8 parts and is very good quality resin and seems simple enough to put together.  The bayonet seems like it could break very easily so I will have to be very careful there and I think the bottom of the gun may need a little hole filling but I need to inspect it and compare to reference pictures.

The range is complimented with a variety of miniatures in action or relaxed poses and I think if those goes well I will pick up another.  Anyway click on the picture for a larger version and visit the website and have a look at the range of miniatures.

Visit Tommys War 1914-1918 in miniature.