IPMS UK Scale Model World – Telford 2011

Well on a spur of the moment decision I decided to visit the IPMS UK Scale Model World in Telford which ran from the 12th of November to the 13th of November.  Entry was £9 for the day but free for members so definitely thinking of joining next year.

The event was easy to find and had easy access form the town centre and from long stay car parking.  I got there late on the Sunday but there was no queue to get it and went straight through collecting an Airfix bag as I went, sadly with no freebies inside but we can all dream.

The first hall had a huge Spitfire displayed and I managed to take a few photos, I didn’t hang around long as was on a limited schedule but I think it was real rather than a life sized model.  It was surrounded by lovely model Spitfires painted in various schemes.

I looked around some of the competition entries for the IPMS and the quality and creativity here was amazing.  I loved the dioramas and the tanks and got to see a few Games Workshop entries int he fantasy sci-fi section.  I got a few photos of some of the winners in a few categories but as mentioned before I was short on time so couldn’t get them all.  I’m sure the winners will be up on the IPMS website at some point.

The stalls were the main highlight for me though with all manner of companies and model shops displaying their wares.  I went straight for Forgeworld to pick up their show only models, and it was much easier to buy from the Games Day as the majority of people at the show were more Airfix fans than Games Workshop if you know what I mean.  I ended up picking some more Contemptor weapons and Chaos Dwarves as those miniatures are screaming out for a lick of paint.  The Chaos Dwarves will be sitting for a while but cant wait to get painting them.

Next it was onto the Progressive Engineering stand where I met the guys responsible for some of the best paint stands I have seen in ages and much better than the GW offerings and the the other MDF paint racks on the web.  I managed to get the rotating paint stand which was display only as I couldn’t be bothered wait for them to become available online.  The guys at progressive engineering were great and very helpful and I think I will be buying some more paint stands when I can spare the cash.  Mini review for the rotating paint stand pictured in the gallery – Fits Reaper and VGC VMC paints perfectly and is solidly built.  Its been laser cut and you can see it but I’m keeping the effect rather than spray painting it as it looks good that way.

I would definitely recommend picking up their paint stands as the quality is excellent and the prices are pretty fair.

here is the paint stand in use and a bargain at £50.  You can see their web-store here and they have an eBay shop too.

Next I found a great company and helpful guy offering all sorts of mantix or mantic miniatures for sale and I have a few photos of some of the painted product below.  I have always wanted to try a larger scale WW1 or WW2 miniature so I seen this as the perfect opportunity.  I picked up what I believe to be a relatively new range called Tommys War – 1914-1918 in miniature.  I picked up a single miniature from the Highlanders Battalion and cant wait to paint him when I pick up the correct colours later on this month.

A review and unboxing will be posted shortly.

Anyway I had a great day and would recommend anyone to go, their is plenty of food on offer in the form of hot dogs and burgers and most of the IPMS clubs represent here and have free sweets on the table if you get that hungry.  I will be entering the sci fi contest next year and aiming to spend two day there getting better photos.

Here is the gallery from my mobile camera.