Currently working on 3 pieces.  I’m working on 2 commission works for an avid Nurgle collector, these being a nicely converted Nurgle Forgeworld Dreadnought and a converted Nurgle Demon Prince.  For myself I’m working on my Space Wolves contemptor dreadnought in Heresy colours for a trial.

The Nurgle Dread is coming along nicely with basecoat almost done after multiple passes with Gretchin Green, then it will be onto the highlights with a an extra 20% mix of golden blonde (reaper) added to the mix and going up to about 50%.

Its working well so far and just working on shading before deciding on what freehand I will be doing and then moving onto the chipping.  The recipe for my Space Wolves dread are below.

Adeptus Battlegrey 20% Shadow Grey (20%) Codex Grey (60%) Next coat was an increased mix of codex grey lightly sprayed on.

A mix of Codex Grey and Space Wolves Grey sprayed from above using zenithal lighting techniques.  I then decided to edge highlight slightly with codex grey and fortress grey.

Shadows have mainly been the basecoat with increased Adeptus Battle grey, then washed over with thin washes of Devlun Mud in the shadows making sure there was no pooling or paint marks.

Anyway here are the 2 pictures from my workbench: